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Hardcore came into my life when i was 16 after attending my first rave I fell in love with the music and travelled up and down the country attending some of the biggest raves of my time. It was in a rave one night watching Dj Gammer one of my inspirations mixing that it occured to me that i wanted to be that side of the stage. So thats what i did and Dj Danii was born.
I started learning how to do basic beat matching/mixing on a friends pair of technics in 2011 determined to be able to play at my 21st birthday on April 2012. I did just that and then invested in my own set up as i knew i wanted to progress.
My first official booking was Interdance at the plug in birmingham 2012 it was an amazing first experience which led me to play and events such as Critical Mass, Core Unity, Northern Underground, Core Bilmey, Ravers Reunited, DNA, Mindblown, Raver Queen, Powercore, Revolution, Ravers Ibiza Pre Party and a few more.
I have also won a few competitions on my journey like, Ravers Got Talent, NTWICH, Delerious Future Talent, Battle Core Series to name a few.....Then in 2017 i had to take a break from the music due to family commitments. During this time one of my decks had broken.

March 2020 happend i got a new deck, i had a new alias and was ready to make a come back. I started streaming once a week every week on my profile to slowly build up following, as it slowly started to grow i then reactivated my artist page and began the push on that.
At this point the country went into a lockdown meaning more life streams, which really i have to helped give me the platform i needed to be noticed.
The burning energy and passion i have for this music has given me a drive to want to share it with everyone else around the world. So to get the momentum going i have remaind consistent on my artist page, Designed my own website, created my own merch, i even have usbs that go out each month to those who want them. Its crazy how far i have come in such a small amount of time and i have to thank each and every person who feels what i feel.

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